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ValPaul2024 on The Blackness

As the United States President, she will:

Fix systemic glitches thoroughly;
End quotas;
End the drug war (no more rounding-up black young adults ages 18 to 24 for prison);
End extended stays of blacks in prison (VP Harris had set up blacks to work as slave state labor having extended prison stay for the specific purpose of serving in the American prison system as slaves);
Change police culture;
Change prison culture;
Eliminate black-on-black crime as much as possible;
Fix public schools and education;
Enable easier small-business start-ups;
Ensure infrastructure in black communities are attended to the same as the rest of America's infrastructure;
Prevent overpopulation of ghettos and barrios;
Remove all marriage penalties and further enable the family unit;
Improve advanced job-readiness, career, and investments;

Let's unite the country again. 
*The only candidate that can unite the country and bring peace.

Ms. Val Paul served, worked, volunteered, and ministered in black community during a portion of her lifetime. She taught part-time at Atlanta Metropolitan College; volunteered for years at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Auburn Avenue as the Audio Tech and co-producer of the church videos for Ebenezer Baptist services. She worked temporarily in local government for the City of East Point. She visited hospitals, AIDS Hospice in Atlanta, and preached in small churches. Ms. Val Paul is former Executive Director of the National Urban Coalition for Unity & Peace Inc nonprofit children's organization in Georgia assisting children in the housing projects with homework, tutoring, education, food & other means of life support. She will not forget the American black community once in office but will also serve upon day one.

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